Hey! Could this be right?!

So, don’t even ask me how, but I’ve got this new obsession (even whilst on the Road.)  Ancestry.com.  I know, I know, it’s too cliche for words…mid 50’s menopausal woman quits her job and moves across country to start exciting new career, finds fulfillment looking back…but really!!  It’s completely easy an addictive and LOOK what […]

On the Road again (otra!)

Sunday (?Sunday? yes, Sunday…road confusion…) 7/19/15 settled in for a 2-day stretch in San Antonio, home of the famous Alamo, Riverwalk and Missions. NOLA Thurs-Fri was a truly beautiful city, perhaps all the more so for lowered expectations.  We toured the city via stop/go open air trolley-ish vehicle with tour guide in the 100 degree […]

South Florida Adventures…only in Boca!

So, Dave and I are driving down Yamato towards 95, headed toward the Registry for my new Florida driver’s license (except oddly, it’s the Tax Collector who issues licenses here?!)  Though we shouldn’t be, we’re always surprised to see the Boca “Crash Investigation” cop cars pass by, lights flashing, on the way to yet another […]

35 years, Holy Cow!

It’s not even how astonishingly young we all were—David 22, me 20, Janet and Dana 16 and 15— but how we managed to pull off graduating from college, planning a wedding, starting med school, moving across country (with no place to live!) with some semblance or other of it all coming off just like we […]

9 More days in Florida…

Entering Nostalgia-ville already, with only a bit more than a week to go before the Big Road Trip to Palo Alto!  Though we’ve been here for a month (the longest continuous period since we bought in 2009) I wish I could stay much, much longer.  We’re hoping to get back here over the Xmas holidays, […]

The Deed is done…

Quit Claim Deed is filed, Sheffield Road is officially our “former” residence.  Seems like yesterday (doesn’t it?) that we gathered for Thanksgiving, or Christmas Eve and the Yankee swaps, or lamented our way through the horrendous “Frank-enstein” reno…