35 years, Holy Cow!

Ralph, Gail, Barbara
Kenny, DJ

Ralph grins and bears it...our grandmothers meetDavid and his MomThe couple with Mom, Nana and StepMomYou all know this--Oh, David!David and Gail-Married!

David, Dana and Bobby

It’s not even how astonishingly young we all were—David 22, me 20, Janet and Dana 16 and 15—01632_p_9ae7nuzth0270

but how we managed to pull off graduating from college, planning a wedding, starting med school, moving across country (with no place to live!) with some semblance or other of it all coming off just like we wanted.

So ironic, how we are perched on another precipice, another move across country almost exactly 35 years later.

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