9 More days in Florida…

Entering Nostalgia-ville already, with only a bit more than a week to go before the Big Road Trip to Palo Alto!  Though we’ve been here for a month (the longest continuous period since we bought in 2009) I wish I could stay much, much longer.  We’re hoping to get back here over the Xmas holidays, maybe sooner?  It’s the first time that our return trip is so uncertain, which adds to the melancholy, I guess!

For July, the weather is unseasonably pleasant—breezy, not-too-humid—and last night’s fireworks viewed off our balcony, with a glass of wine, perfect.  In the views below, we’re looking straight down the beach (buildings on the right, ocean on the left.)  The tiny blue lights in the night-time pics are the Boca Police boats joining hundreds of boats off Deerfield Beach to watch the show.

A week or so ago, we woke to find our beach chairs covered in mounds of sand from a mother-turtle making a nest for her eggs—her ancestral urge outweighed our ill-placed chairs!  Our manager assisted the Gumbo Limbo Turtle buggy morning crew in clearing the way.

image imageimage

Looking down the beach toward Deerfield
Looking down the beach toward Deerfield

image image image image image image

2 thoughts on “9 More days in Florida…

  1. Gotta love the turtles, they are so intrepid! As are you and David with all these moves and changes. Safe travels! xoSuzy


    1. I hadn’t seen the (obvious) metaphor in the turtle thing…but it reminds me of Roberta’s timely gift of a little ceramic turtle when I was recovering from hip surgery. Take it slow.

      Yep, as fast as these days fly by, I have to lift up my head every now and again and take a deep breath!


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