The novel JENN & POLLY is taut literary fiction about the complexities of sisterhood and the oft-crossed boundaries of public/private choice.

When commuters capture photos and video of a naked, comatose woman under a park bench, the callousness of the images ignites the world.

Hard-driving CEO Jenn has spent her life rescuing her wild-child sister, but after Polly’s rape results in pregnancy, the two have very different ideas about what comes next. The details of their private debate leak to a Right-to-Life group, desperate to adopt Polly as the media star for their million-Faithful Rally.  But if the increasing media attention exposes Jenn’s adolescent secrets, she could lose everything. Including Polly.

An excerpt from the novel was a Finalist in the 2018 Mendocino County Writer’s Conference (MCWC) Novel Contest and is forthcoming in 2019 NOYO River Review.

A short story derived from the novel won the 2019 Mendocino County Writer Conference Short Story Scholarship Award.

I CAN ONLY TELL THIS ONCE is a short story about a girl who discovers a terrible secret about her younger brother when babysitting two neighborhood girls. The story was a finalist for a Whispering Prairie Press Writing Award and was published in Whirlwind.


SUZANNE, FINALLY is a novel in progress about the repercussions of reproductive choice of a different sort, and the lengths families go to hide shame. The legacy of which Suzanne carries into adulthood.

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