I’ve completed two novels edited by Joshua Mohr, and am drafting a third.

Suzanne is hungry. Hungry for the crumb of butter cookies, hungry for renewed intimacy with her husband of two decades, hungry to protect her fourteen-year old son. And most of all, starving for the call that will right her shattering secret loss.

When her son’s sexual awakening triggers the fear of her most devastating moment, she risks everything to reunite with the daughter she lost at age sixteen.

SUZANNE, FINALLY is a novel about the repercussions of forced reproductive choice, the consequences of secrets in a marriage, and the evolution of a woman’s identity when she is forced to hide her most consequential wants.


My first novel, JENN & POLLY, is taut literary fiction about the complexities of sisterhood and the oft-crossed boundaries of public/private choice.

When commuters capture photos and video of a naked, comatose woman under a park bench, the callousness of the images ignites the world.

Hard-driving CEO Jenn has spent her life rescuing her wild-child sister, but after Polly’s rape results in pregnancy, the two have very different ideas about what comes next. The details of their private debate leak to a Right-to-Life group, desperate to adopt Polly as the media star for their million-Faithful Rally.  But if the increasing media attention exposes Jenn’s adolescent secrets, she could lose everything. Including Polly.

Stories from the novel were a Finalist in the 2018 Mendocino County Writer’s Conference (MCWC) Novel Contest, won the 2019 MCWC Short Story Scholarship Award and published in NOYO River Review.

I CAN ONLY TELL THIS ONCE is a short story about a girl who discovers a terrible secret about her younger brother when babysitting two neighborhood girls. The story was a finalist for a Whispering Prairie Press Writing Award and was published in Whirlwind.

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