Try, Apply, Hit Submit

Can you trace your journey? Look back into the blue sky and catch a glimpse of your tendrils, instead of choking on the contrail of the ones up ahead? I don’t want to forget the exhilaration of stepping off solid ground, the day I hit Submit to sign up for my first writing class. The […]

Love from the land of smiles-Thailand and Mangpo

My Magical Mystery Tour to Thailand is done and my son is a married man. I’m overwhelmed. How do you process the spectacular? The extraordinary? Asia, Thailand, Bangkok, Phitsanoluk, a mind-bending five senses assault of thai-spiced food, epic heat and humidity, the olfactory experience of canals from the last century, the madness of loud tuk-tuks […]

We, the people. Xmas 2016

I crave the comfort of a holiday season that never was. I want the thrill of a perfect present surpassing all my wildest expectations, happy family gathered smiling, house lit with heirloom decorations and filled with glorious song. (Oh, and while we’re dreamin’: sleigh bells ringing, those powdered almond cookies, caroling neighbors, ice skating on the pond, crackling fire with no leftover ashes.)

Kidney Cancer: Ten years Grateful

August 2006:  6cm tumor. Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma. The memory of that phone call is still profoundly shocking:  sitting at my desk, pen tracing over and over on the yellow post it: 6cm 6cm 6cm, struggling to make sense of what the doctor was saying. How does a 40-something woman with no risk factors contract […]

Ano Nuevo-My New (scary) Year!

 I had the map, I had the motivation, then why was I suddenly scared? We started out together–David, my daughter Elise, and I–on a gloriously perfect North California day.  Docents strategically located, good signage, even a well-marked path.  Ano Nuevo, the park off Route 1 on the rocky coast, home to the famous Elephant Seals […]

Gratitude and the Holidays-bah!humbug! be gone…

Christmas! The “holidays!” New (and better!) Year!  There’s a forced cheeriness about this time of year that has always inspired the opposite for me…my writer angsty side sees dead forest trees shedding needles in protest of being propped in water in living rooms with crap unearthed from the attic boxes winded onto it’s weary arms…yeah, […]