We, the people. Xmas 2016

I crave the comfort of a holiday season that never was. I want the thrill of a perfect present surpassing all my wildest expectations, happy family gathered smiling, house lit with heirloom decorations and filled with glorious song. (Oh, and while we’re dreamin’: sleigh bells ringing, those powdered almond cookies, caroling neighbors, ice skating on the pond, crackling fire with no leftover ashes.)

Kidney Cancer: Ten years Grateful

August 2006: ¬†6cm tumor. Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma. The memory of that phone call is still profoundly shocking: ¬†sitting at my desk, pen tracing over and over on the yellow post it: 6cm 6cm 6cm, struggling to make sense of what the doctor was saying. How does a 40-something woman with no risk factors contract […]