Hey! Could this be right?!

So, don’t even ask me how, but I’ve got this new obsession (even whilst on the Road.)  Ancestry.com.  I know, I know, it’s too cliche for words…mid 50’s menopausal woman quits her job and moves across country to start exciting new career, finds fulfillment looking back…but really!!  It’s completely easy an addictive and LOOK what I found!

Could this be right?  The Prince de Comte (France–mid 1500’s) is one of the ancient relatives of my grandmother, Marie Frances DeCost(e–in some circles).

I’ve made the tree public (it’s under Ansel Family tree.)  And I only just started, it goes all the way back to 800…


4 thoughts on “Hey! Could this be right?!

  1. A few years ago my cousin unearthed a relative (John DeCost) and found that he had done the ancestor search back to the 1500’s. He forwarded the info to me ( it is many pages). I can send it to you if you like. They had a Decost reunion in Canada and 250 DeCost’s showed up.


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