Can I go home now?

You know when you’re on Day 7 or 10 of vacation, the thrill of the hotel room worn off, a little too much sun and fun, just wanting your morning bowl of cheerios with a banana (instead of yet another buffet) and yearning for your bed, your pillow, your stuff, instead of the rabbit hutch […]

Constant Clutter, OY!

Moving is all about finding new places to put your sh*t.   And those places might not yet exist if you sell most of your furniture but not all the contents thereof.   Am I really so locked into “everything in it’s place”-Donna Reed-middle-aged-menopausal-rigidity???  Instead of a panic attack that spurred me to solutions, the […]

Land HO! Palo Alto!

This very morning, Wed 7/29, we sighted port and let down anchor.  (Alright, quite the tortured metaphor, sorry!  Especially to these drought-stricken Californians…) It’s 11:15pm here, I’ve now settled in after 12 straight hours of way-too-old-for-this unpacking in unusually HOT weather.  Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t this supposed to be 70’s all year round??  Thank […]

The Canyon, Day 2, Yikes!!

Yeah, okay, the pictures do/don’t do it justice.  The memory of the awesomeness is sparked when I see the pics, but at the same time these are so iconic they seem unreal, too.   What was entirely real was my anxiety level.  I totally buy what a lady on the trail relayed, her Fun Fact: […]

Good God Grand Canyon!

Holy Cow!  It is everything and more…one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, on a trip with many.  Think maybe this’ll take more than one post? Day 1—for those of you who’ve done the Park, you’ll know exactly our route.  We parked at the Visitor Center and then did the 3-mile hike/walk on the […]