Land HO! Palo Alto!

This very morning, Wed 7/29, we sighted port and let down anchor.  (Alright, quite the tortured metaphor, sorry!  Especially to these drought-stricken Californians…)

It’s 11:15pm here, I’ve now settled in after 12 straight hours of way-too-old-for-this unpacking in unusually HOT weather.  Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t this supposed to be 70’s all year round??  Thank god thank god thank god Stanford West (our faculty apt complex) installed a/c.

Four enormous crates full of our stuff arrived on the back of a flat bed truck, released from storage for the last month.  Though we sold most of our belongings, we still managed to keep a LOT.  Way too much. Unfortunately, between loading in Boxford, unloading to the long haul truck in Quincy or some damned place, and then unloading again to the storage crates, the entire shipment got mixed up and merged into one.  So…I stood out in the baking sun helping to sort into “apartment” and “storage” for an hour and a half.  This, after doing the same exact thing at the beginning in Boxford.  aaarrgh.  Best Laid Plans.   

Driving into town

Clark Way, that’s us!!

Goodbye Coleman, it’s been real! (on the left)




 Luckily, David bought dots…pink for storage, green for apt.

Moving sucks. No doubt about it.  We managed to survive, despite David stomping off at one point (he doesn’t do multi-tasking well, as some of you know!)  

Our lovely support staff at CMO very kindly got together and gifted us two Palo Alto restaurant dinners as a special going away present.  So…thanks to Felicia and Ray, our first meal in our new home was at a really incredible seafood place.  Good thing, because we still haven’t bought new forks or plates or spoons or food.  

That’s for tomorrow.

Oh! We spotted our first “Google Self Driving Car!”  Honey, we’re not in Kansas anymore..,

4 thoughts on “Land HO! Palo Alto!

    1. Well, there actually were 2 people in the front seat, but you can’t tell from the picture (not intentional, I swear.) Who knows if they were actually driving. I’d prefer to think…not!


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