It’s fall, time to shed the old and make way for the new, right?

Yes, yes, yes, we are two months into it, another gut house reno, and once again we’re living in the midst! The first floor first, phase one:  new walls, windows, massive carrying beam, staircase, floors, sub-floors, insulation, heating, wiring, gut=true gut job.  I live and work upstairs, my desk (and me) shaking to the rhythm of Brad and Rich and Mo hammering, sawing, sometimes swearing (uh, oh, I say to myself every time, fingers paused over the keyboard.)


Open concept means all that separates us from them is a big plastic sheet hung from the ceiling around the staircase.  We enter and exit through a big black zipper.  Day 2 that was already curse-worthy, the plastic stuck in the goddamm zip teeth.  Imagine–cue violins—standing on the top step trying to get in with bags of groceries or an armload of clean laundry, trying to unstuck the stupid stuck zipper, wheezing in some fine construction dust mixed with the former owner’s cat pee.

Yeah, cat pee.  In the plaster, the paint, the wood, the beams of the stairs.

Phase one is the easy part.  Phase two, upstairs, we lose the kitchen.  And the sanity saving awesome ocean view.  I’m game, Dave’s game, we can do this!

Reconstruction abounds:  I’ve also just finished a revision on novel #1 (Jenn & Polly) at the suggestion of an uber-reader-editor, who gave me precise and pointed notes.  That process was/is a blast–I’m carpenter, plumber, designer. The story gains complexity and clarity.  My two women protagonists, lives formed and deformed by sexual assault, are strengthening their voices and are on the cusp of being heard, at last. I set my deadlines and work my ass off to meet them.

The house, well, schedules.  Sigh. I have to release my (infamous) controlling grip, and give in to the zen of California’s pace.

We’ve laid the groundwork, we’ve done everything within our purvey, the outcome is no longer within our control.

I put the house in the very capable hands of the best builder I could find, I offer the book up to the best partners available for the next steps on the commerce path, and most especially I’m grateful to be still soaring on my adventure.

Now, on Election Eve, I’m also crossing my fingers and toes, arms and legs, that history will be made, that women will have raised our voices to alter the very universe we live in, just like Jenn and Polly.

Xxooo from the zen place!






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