Seals! Let’s live here!

One of the best things about having company is the joy of showing off this place, of reliving the experience of the new.  Elise, as everyone knows, has an entirely unique take, passionate and aware in ways I’ll never be.  She loves this earth as much as anyone I’ll ever meet.  What a gift.  I’m sad without her, the trip too short, but now I’m reveling in the physicalness of Northern CA, most particularly the amazing smell of this place—Eucalyptus and forest, the sea salt air.

She came along on a house tour (because, you know, life marches along!) and explored a neighborhood with us and now I’m in love with that place. The housing market in this area is what it is—I’m hopeful (as in, becalm my pounding heart) but realistic about extreme long shots, bidding wars, everything going for over asking.  Cross your fingers for us!  Most of all, we must be patient.  

Just a few minutes walk from the house, though, putting aside all anxieties of CA housing, we came upon the Seals.  Sharon and Michael, David and Amy, remember this? When we first arrived in CA it was one of the first amazing little finds, this marine sanctuary hidden along the coast. And, then to top it off, an astonishing forested walk high above along the bluffs.  Wow.

In between the house hunting roller coaster ride, David and I (as we will) are intensely focused on our work—I’m obsessing over final draft of a short story and have returned to the novel-Sisters saga of Jenn and Polly, and he started another clinic schedule in Capitola, gave a Grand Rounds talk at a nearby hospital and met with his truly gifted mentor a bunch.  Elise’s visit reminded us both to stop for a moment, breathe, take it in, and always always be grateful.







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